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In February the US imported ICs worth $4.86 billion according to the US Census Bureau with Cambodia, India, Vietnam and Thailand significantly increasing their exports to the US.

India’s exports of chips to the US grew 34% y-o-y to $152 million, Cambodia increased chip exports to the US by 698% y-o-y, Vietnam increased its chip exports to the US by 75% and Thailand by 62%.

Malaysia, which has long been a source of test and packaging facilities for IC companies, saw its shipments to the US  drop by 26% y-o-y.

Feb. 2023 – Feb 2022.    % change  +/-

Malaysia. $973m                  -26.3

Taiwan.    $732m.                  +4.3

Vietnam. $563m                    +74.9

Thailand $422m                     +62.3

Korea       $366m                    +43.3

China       $226m                        -7.8

Japan      $170m.                       -11.5

Cambodia. $166m.                +698

India           $159m                      +3.4

Philippines $146m                     -5.3


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