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Russia is still getting US ICs despite the US putting a ban on US chip exports to Russia on February 24th 2022, reports the Nikkei.

In customs data from Feb 24 to December 31 2022 provided by a Indian research company called Export Genius, 2,358 transactions, each worth over $100,000, showed shipments to Russia of US semiconductors worth a collective $740 million.

1,774 of those shipments went through Hong Kong or mainland China.

 One Hong Kong company –  Agu Information Technology – is said to have charged $10k each for Intel ICs.

Agu is reported to have sold 60,000 Intel chips for $18.7 million to the Russian machinery company Mistral with some processors selling for $13k+, according to Cybex Exim, an Indian research company.

 DEXP International of Hong Kong is reported to have sold Intel and AMD ICs worth  $2.5 million to the Russian components dealer Atlas between  October and November 2022.

Since the invasion of Ukraine Atlas is said by Export Genius to have imported chips worth $49 million.

Atlas is owned by Dmitry Alekseev, founder of the  Russian electronics retailer DNS Group


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